Software testing is a creativity of work where you hunt through the developed software like a cop and make it better to the world like a doctor. 

“Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work”

Software QA testing is essential to determine whether the prototype is ready to launch in the market or not. QA tester also determines whether the software prototype contains any malware or not before they raise the green signal.

Therefore, we can understand how much important the job of a Software QA tester is. Every day, new software is launching. So, we can pinpoint the necessity of a QA tester here. That why we believe software automation testing is one of the best career options to prefer.

High in demand:

There was no other time in history where software testers were in higher demand. From manual exploratory testing to automation architects, there is never lack of companies that need an efficient tester.

With more emerging testing procedures and faster agile testing cycles, the opportunity for a smart and creative tester is always increasing in the industry.

Good pay:

There is no doubt when anyone is in a dilemma of choosing a career, they opt the one with the highest salary package.

If you do software testing training, you don’t need to worry about the salary package as the software development companies understand the value of the service and the effort a QA tester puts. In India, the average salary of a Software Automation Tester is 25,000 per month. According to recent statistics, IT companies offer one of the highest salary packages to the QA testers in India. Of course, this will increase considerably with time and experience.


Testing is a quite creative work. No one will explain the process to you. The job is more like a detective where you will need to analyze the clues and think of places where the application is not consistent when it comes to the end user.

Secured Career: 

After successful completion of software automation training you are most likely to be placed in a software development company. After that, you can rest assured that your career is secured. Software automation will enhance every day.

There will always be a requirement of software automation tester. In a developing nation like India, everything around us is going digital.

While going through this transformation period, it is inevitable for software development to hire QA tester frequently. While the existing technology always needs an upgrade, there too the companies need to keep their current experienced QA testers.

Recognition & other Benefits: 

Working in a reputed software development company at the post of software automation tester sounds prestigious. There is no doubt that software automation testing is difficult. The diversity of automation tools is difficult to understand.

The software automation training that DigiBank offers is prompt and directly relevant to what companies seek. Reputed software development companies pay high remunerations and other company benefits to QA testers as they are the future.

On top of that, companies also provide additional benefits like rented homes, traveling accommodations, insurances and many more. In India, software automation testing is among the top 10 prestigious jobs.


Quality Assurance Engineers do more than just test software. They simultaneously create, refine and document testing procedures used for developing test automation and training manuals. And with an eye on business development, QA pros also provide input to software developers about how certain functionality modifications can add to a program’s commercial value.

“In a nutshell, software QA is getting paid to break software,” says AJ Larson, quality assurance lead instructor at DevMountain.

If breaking things for a living hasn’t already persuaded you into a Software Quality Assurance career path, maybe CareerBliss’s list of happiest jobs in the nation will. SQA professionals have made this list more than once in recent years.

There really is nothing better than releasing a product and seeing it flourish. If you’re ready to join the tech industry by starting as Forbes says; a happy career in QA, take the time to learn how. 

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