Marketing Automation Software is one of the superior software that has a high demand. The software is implemented in every other industry. It has the ability to manage marketing campaigns and converting leads into sales. Organizations use this software for optimizing their marketing processes and analyzing customer behavior to help enhance customer relationships and satisfaction. The software has the best features such as email-marketing, forms and landing pages, lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, campaign management, and CRM integration.

The software offers various advanced features such as personalization, optimization, and segmentation, handling large amounts of data, campaign management, lead management, and various such features. Marketing automation software is extremely popular across the globe for its amazing working and benefits. This software can also be integrated with other existing software in organizations and helps other teams such as sales and marketing to work collaboratively. 

Various vendors offer marketing automation software and lead the market with their innovative products and strategies. Here is a list of the best marketing automation software designed for small businesses:

HubSpotHubSpot is one of the top players offering marketing automation software. The marketing automation software offered by HubSpot is known as HubSpot Marketing Hub. This software enables powerful and integrated workflows. The major features of this software include lead nurturing and email campaigns, simple way of visualizing, customizing, and personalizing workflows, automation of tasks such as publishing relevant blogs, landing pages, analytics, SEO, and various other advanced features.
OntraportOntraport is a provider of powerful marketing automation software. The software is widely used by various small businesses and startups. The major features of this software include collection of customer data and segmentation of customers, personalized emails, campaign management, and integration of communication channels, lead tracking, and various such functionalities that are helpful in managing all marketing-related tasks.
ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign is one of the leading marketing automation software. Cloud-based software offers superior customer experience with its advanced customer oriented features. The major features of this software include website tracking, event tracking, goal tracking, automation map, and customer attribution for lead tracking.
KeapKeap, known as InfusionSoft earlier, is one of the most well-known marketing automation software used by small businesses. It is a comprehensive solution for managing all marketing tasks efficiently. The major features of this software include client management, email marketing, personalized messages, and reminders for client responses, user-friendly user-interface, integrations, and various such features.
DripDrip is an e-commerce marketing automation platform that optimizes the entire marketing and sales process. The software majorly focuses on providing satisfactory customer experiences. It enables marketers to build strong customer relationships with its personalized user-interface. The main features of this software include customer database, personalization, customer engagement, multi-channel marketing, and automated workflows.
SendinBlueSendinBlue enables organizations to automate their sales and marketing processes quickly. It ensures that the audience is engaged with relevant personalized messages at the right time. The major features of this software include email marketing, sms marketing, and personalized chat, segmentation, landing pages, social media management, retargeting, real-time statistics, and various others.
AutopilotAutopilot marketing automation software is majorly used to set-up and pre-configures new devices. It ensures that the productivity of the organization is increased. The software automates the entire customer journey. The main features of this software include visual marketing, segmentation of customers, CRM integration, personalized emails, and detailed analysis of performance.
MauticMautic is an open source platform and hence is widely implemented in various SMBs. Mautic helps businesses in tracking and nurturing leads along with campaign management. The main features of Mautic are contact nurturing and tracking, campaign marketing, drip flow programs, social media integrations, and landing pages.
KlaviyoKlaviyo is cloud-based marketing automation platform. It enables marketers to target and monitor marketing campaigns effectively. The software also helps marketers to build strong customer relationships with its personalization features. Other major features of this software include segmentation, reporting, customer analytics, integration, and social media management.

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