The artificial intelligence system again shows its strength in the healthcare industry. This time, artificial intelligence from China reportedly succeeded in surpassing the doctor’s diagnostic ability.

An artificial intelligence system defeated a team of 15 well-known Chinese doctors in diagnosing brain tumors and predicting hematoma. AI testing would have played an important role in developing this application.

From trials conducted, artificial intelligence successfully outperformed the ability of doctors when diagnosing two diseases; this artificial intelligence is named BioMind.

This system was developed by the Artificial Intelligence Research Center for Neurological Disorders of the Beijing Tiantan Hospital. During the trial, BioMind’s ability turned out to be above the average ability of the doctors.

When examining a number of cases of brain tumors, BioMind managed to predict correctly around 87 per cent.

While the doctors were only able to answer correctly 66 per cent of the cases that were given

This artificial intelligence is also able to analyze cases faster. Within 15 minutes, BioMind successfully diagnosed 225 cases, while the doctors had only 30 cases.

When discussing hematoma in the brain, BioMind also managed to correctly answer 83 per cent of cases submitted. The doctors can only do the correct diagnosis for 63 per cent of cases.

The ability of artificial intelligence is supported by thousands of archive images belonging to Beijing Tiantan Hospital. The ability of BioMind is also called equivalent to senior doctors with an accuracy rate of 90 per cent.

“I hope that with this competition, doctors will be able to know the ability of artificial intelligence and can understand it further,” said VP of Tiantan Hospital in Beijing, Wang Yongjun.

Utilization of artificial intelligence in the health sector is indeed being tested by a number of parties. One company that does this is Google Along with its subsidiary, Verily; Google uses software armed with machine learning to analyze a person’s eyes.

The software is claimed to be accurate for collecting someone’s data, ranging from age, blood pressure, including smoking habits. Armed with these data, the software can then predict whether someone is suffering from a heart problem, for example potentially having a heart attack.

This software from Google is said to have the same accuracy as today’s most sophisticated methods.

Methodically, this software can be a new alternative for doctors to analyze someone. The reason, the results of this test make the analysis process faster and easier, including no longer requiring blood tests.

Nevertheless, this method still needs to be tested further before it is actually applied in medical purposes.

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