Over the last number of years, massive knowledge and analytics have combined to form one among the foremost talked concerning topics within the digital house. Experts from the medical field to the financial realm and beyond have chimed in with insights and opinions on this topic that never seems to get old. On that note, here’s our list of big data analytics articles you owe to yourself to read as soon as possible.

Big Data’s Surprising Uses: From Lady Gage to CIA. It’s been aforesaid before: massive knowledge doesn’t discriminate and encompasses a embarrassment of useful uses. Information Week has some very interesting examples here.

This article takes a look at how social media data mining helps pop superstar Lady Gaga stay in tune with fans, how the data explosion is revolutionizing record management in healthcare, and other uses you might not think of right off the bat.

Eight (No, Nine!) Problems With Big Data. You might assume otherwise as a result of all the praise, but big data analytics isn’t perfect. NY Times reveals some of the biggest challenges in this straightforward article. A unique take on some of the many issues you might encounter.

12 stuff you must not ever neutralize massive knowledge. After getting familiar with some of the challenges, head on over to the Plan Clear blog to brush up on some things you should avoid. Renowned big data strategist Al Naqvi makes a few recommendations that can spare you a load of heartache down the road. This post stresses the importance of thinking massive strategy in massive knowledge implementations.

Before Big Data, clean data. Not all data is good data. Some of it wants a decent cleanup before being fed through your analytics system. This Tech Republic post offers a few ways to optimize your information for the best results.

Big Data Analytics Master’s Degrees: 20 Top Programs. A lot has been created concerning the shortage of execs with the information to effectively tame a giant knowledge infrastructure. It surely isn’t due to a lack of training resources. Information Week takes a look at the top educational programs aspiring data masters should be targeting to capitalize on the emerging and lucrative job market.

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