Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Industrial 4.0 era, has been present in various lines of life. The term AI refers to a series of computer systems that allow machines to mimic human intelligence. This ability makes some people think that AI can be a new threat to humans, especially in the world of work. There will be many jobs that are lost because they can already be handled with AI.

AI could be a new threat was not entirely correct. In fact, the presence of AI facilitates human work a lot. For example, a doctor who uses AI technology to diagnose patients’ complaints of illness or a mechanic who uses AI technology to determine the source of damage to components only from the sound of the machine.

“AI is not a threat, but rather a lot of helping human work. The work of a doctor or mechanic becomes faster with the help of this technology. But, for the final execution, their energy remains the most needed. AI only helps with the initial diagnosis,”

Although there are some jobs that were taken over by AI, according to the era of AI and also the Internet of Things (IoT) created many new job opportunities. This also happened when the start of Industry 3.0, which became the beginning of the emergence of computers.

“In the era of the Industrial Revolution 3.0, calculations previously carried out manually were replaced by computers, making work easier and faster. These changes at the time also gave rise to many new jobs. For example application developers, internet service providers, technicians, AI testing and many more. So every time there is an industrial revolution, a new industry is born, something is missing, but a new one will emerge. Likewise in the Industrial 4.0 era. With AI and connectivity, several new jobs will emerge. Home, or distance education services,”

Even though it seems very sophisticated, the existing AI technology is actually still shallow and weak. That is, in the future this AI technology will continue to develop to further help facilitate human work.

“AI currently is still narrow AI. Only for special tasks, it cannot be an application for all. For example, embedded in the camera, its ability is only to help the photography function. So it is not yet at the strong AI stage like in films, which really can think and have their own feelings. Someday maybe we will arrive at the strong AI stage.

Bernard W. Thomas

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