In the present digital world, most of the business completely depends on online or web-based products and services. Due to this, the technology is evolving rapidly in the fast-paced.

In order to retain the customers or users for longer terms, it is essential to deliver the great user experience of the products. In these cases, software testing becomes a crucial part of development so that the users don’t switch with your competitors.

The year 2020 has marked continuous and tremendous growth in technology with the advancement in the software testing industry. Below are detailed aspects of the latest trends.

The Latest Trends In Software Testing

Agile & DevOps Testing

Agile software testing is similar to the agile development where the testing is performed parallel to the tp the development cycle. It focuses on the quality of the products and manages the demands as per the business as well as market needs.

DevOps involve the process, process, rules which help to integrate with the development and operations work to save time. DevOps has been adopted worldwide to reduce the software development lifecycle to minimize the delay in the delivery of the projects.

Automation Testing

Overall global automation testing industry would be expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2019 to $28.8 billion by 2024. The adoption of the agile &DevOps has triggered the automation process. Test automation is an integral part of these methods to reduce the dependency on manual software testing.

The existing popular automation tools like selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete are continuously evolving with new features to optimize the automation segments.

Artificial intelligence And Machine Learning

AI is being adopted by every tech business. The lethal combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning)  is proving to be great assets for software testing as automation testing gets much better.

The testing tools which are based on AI/ML will boost the UI/GUI testing for mobile apps and websites. The AI/ML tools algorithms are developed to generate better test scripts, test data, and reports.

Voice Assisted Technology

Google Home Assistance, Siri, Alexa, and various other smart speakers are getting launched to optimize the digital experience which gets operated by voice. With this, you no longer have to press the key to give the command. The companies are investing the heavy capitals in the voice technology like dialect, personalization, removal of ambient noise from voice samples, etc. The issue related to privacy & accuracy is the bottleneck due to which it’s not getting a great response currently.

Big Data Testing

Currently, we are at the top of the tonnes of the data and need to have a strong strategy around analytics testing. The testing of the big database required the high technique & analytical framework tools. Whether the data is structured or unstructured it matters a lot to improvise the products.

According to the data of the world economic forum, 44 zettabytes of data will be produced by 2020. The digitalization will drive the companies towards real-time data analysis.

IoT Test Automation

Internet of Things is the most trending technology in modern times as communication technologies are upgrading. The IoT applications testing will gain a high boost with cutting edge smart devices technologies. The data that is generated by the connected devices will help to optimize the user experience. The security testing will be more focussed as IoT devices are the most vulnerable to security.

API & Integration Automation Testing

API is used to integrate the various software & applications. The API and services are used on the client-side for efficient testing. The tools which are implemented in the API testing are more critical and require high skill to operate. It is considered as critical due to the primary interface in the application logic. It also includes various other testings like unit testing, functional testing, security testing, etc.

Robotics Process Automation  (RPA)

Robotics Automation Automation or RPA is the subsets of Artificial intelligence (AI). It is mostly used in the banking industry and other financial institutions. This testing is done with the combination of various software that collects the data from the routine activities. RPA operates from the simple email response to the testing of a thousand bots.

Multi-Device Testing

Almost every individual uses the mobiles/smartphones which are connected to the various IoT devices. By 2021 most of the testing teams will execute the automation testing even on smart home appliances. The cross-browser testing & selenium automation testing will also enhance the user experience on the various devices.

Software Testing Budgets will continue to grow

Software testing has become an essential part of software development rather than optional. Its major IT companies are investing a great time in the software testing process like analytics testing, cloud technologies & virtualization. With the development of this software quality assurance will take the big chunks on the budget.


The technology is emerging the day by day with the continuous addition of the new features. The single bug can cause huge monetary losses to the business. The software quality assurance standard is increasing day by day to deliver the uninterrupted user experience in this digital world.


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