In this digital age, when we have access to everything on our fingertips, nobody likes to make deicisons without being thorough.

However, to make an informed decision, one has to process terabyte’s worth of data. All this data can be processed and sorted out using different analytical tools at mind-boggling speeds.

While the part of amazing speeds may be taken care of by Spectrum internet plans, one also needs to know the best Analytics Tools that can help get the job done. That is why we have brought for you the top 10 Analytics Tools that you can rely on in the year 2020.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has already made a name for itself in the world of computers. With its unmatched operating system, it has taken over the world of personal and business computers. However, Microsoft decided to take it up a notch with its Analytics Tool known as Power BI.

Power BI is a data analytics tool that companies rely on to process huge amounts of data in minimal amounts of time.

The tool is capable of generating detailed analytical reports that serve for the purposes of decision making in an organization. Moreover, it enables users to interact with the visual representation of data instead of having to deal with dry facts and figures alone.

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Among the top analytical tools, stands this amazing one known as Tableau. This tool has the potential to be a valuable asset in business intelligence activities or any other decision-making activity that an organization may require.

The company offers a free version of the software for you to use, however, in order to gain full advantages that this software has to offer, you need to procure the paid version.

All your data and reports are saved on Tableau’s own server, which you can access anywhere and anytime you wish.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Everyone is aware of the contributions made by Oracle when it comes to data and databases. Oracle is among the founders of professional databases that many companies still rely on.

The Oracle Analytics Cloud updates these databases even further as it integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning into the mix.

With the help of visually represented data sets, you can make possible quick decision, while incorporating all possible variable factors into the decision. Furthermore, with data processed and filtered by Machine Learning, you can have access to high-quality predictions that lead to potential revenue for an organization.


Become a part of more than 40,000 global organizations that are already benefiting from the analytical powers of RapidMiner. RapidMiner brings with it a number of great products including RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner GO, RapidMiner Server, and more.

All of the products offer unique services, which can prove to be valuable contributions in critical business decisions. The combination of all these products makes it possible for organizations to make quick yet accurate business decisions without wasting any time whatsoever.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics is IBM’s very own AI-powered end-to-end analytics tool for businesses. The tool supports and automates the entire decision-making procession from start to end.

The tool is capable of understanding and processing all questions and queries in simple language, which leads to significant time-saving.

Moreover, since queries are conveyed and understood in simple language, you do not need to resort to complex visual representations of data; the tool explains the situation to you as simply as possible.


An organization gathers data and information from different sources such as websites, third-party applications, and several more.

All this data needs to be processed and cataloged in an easy-to-understand manner. This is exactly what Splunk does.

With the combination of different products from Splunk, you can conduct extensive research in relatively smaller spans of time and come to the desired conclusion almost instantaneously.


Yet another exceptional data analytics tool is ThoughtSpot – a one-stop data analytics package for all data processing needs.

The tool features an easy-to-understand and engaging interface that almost anyone can grasp so that sorting through loads of data is not that hard of a task.

The tool allows you to manage real-time data without any delay whatsoever. Its very own artificially intelligent assistant SpotIQ relies on the power of machine learning and incorporates all your input and any that you might have missed to generate the latest insights in your particular field.


Next on this list is yet another data integration tool i.e. Talend. Using several of its own products, Talend contributes to a productive ETL process for any organization.

It completely automates data filtering and sorting process simply by relying on machine learning and smart computing technologies.

Also, since it is an open source software, you can seek assistance from the rich community of users online. On the community you can discuss any issues  that you may be facing and get instant solutions.


Qlik is not to be ignored if you are seeking to automate your data analysis. The company offers a number of different products, all of which work flawlessly together to integrate and analyze any amount of data that you may possess.

Moreover, the software is capable of figuring out any data points that may have slipped your mind before you make any query.

Also, Qlik’s very own Data Literacy Project enables you to train any of your non-technical staff regarding all the features and functionalities of this tool.


Last, but definitely not the least is an exceptional data analyzing tool known as KNIME. This tool is an open source data analyzing, data integrating, and report generating tool.

KNIME comprises of two different components called the KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server.

The Analytics Platform gathers all your unprocessed data into one neat easy to understand format. The Server enables you to upload and access all this data from any location so that even distant team members can access information.

The Bottom Line

Information is any business’s most vital asset. If any piece of information is not handled properly, results could be catastrophic for a business. Thus, organizations must rely on tools such as the ones mentioned above to make informed decisions.


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of gathering and then understanding different forms of data, which then leads to productive decision making.

What are Analytics Tools?

Analytics Tools are software that are used to conduct data analysis. They gather data from different sources into one common location.

Why do you need an Analytics Tool?

Analytics Tools enable you to sort out raw data and turn into usable information that is necessary for improving business strategies.


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