The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly ‘terrible’. For example, AI developed by a non-profit startup company, OpenAI has been able to defeat a professional gamers to fight 1-vs-1 in a competitive game: Dota 2. This interesting thing happened in The International competition on August 12, 2017 yesterday, in KeyArena, Seattle, United States.

OpenAI is growing rapidly because it is designed to be able to practice against itself, without imitating or using complicated coding. The bot predicts many things that happen in the game and turns it into an opportunity that is used to win the battle.

In The International 7 (TI7) event, reported by the official OpenAI website, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin became the latest challenger to fight the super smart bot. Previously, OpenAI had defeated other professional players, such as Syed “Suma1L” Hassan, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev in the same 1-vs-1 battle.

Players are only allowed to use 1 hero, Shadow Fiend with several other rules. The results were quite surprising, where the professional players were unable to defeat OpenAI even though they had been trained for thousands of hours playing the Dota 2 game. The bot had only been training for the past two weeks. In addition, OpenAI is also able to master the basic controls of the Dota 2 game in just 1 hour.

The 1-vs-1 battle Dota 2 actually has quite complex rules and strategies, because the player must be able to predict the opponent’s movements and carry out the strategy well, but still, OpenAI is able to run it all and defeat a human called a ‘specialist’ in Dota 2 game.

Dendi, who surrendered after being beaten 2-0 by OpenAI, expressed his surprise. He felt that the bot he had fought in the fight had ‘felt’ like a human, even though there was something different. Do not stop there, OpenAI will continue to be developed so that they can fight in bot-5-vs-5 Dota 2 bots, or a combination of players and bots in the coming year.

The development of AI in the world of this game proves that the development of AI in everyday life can certainly be very helpful to humans. However, on the other hand, a very significant development that can even exceed human capabilities can certainly be dangerous if not controlled and misused, like in the movie The Terminator. May AI be used for the benefit of humanity.

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