eCommerce industry is the potential of blockchain technology for the industrial sector going forward. Because in the industrial era 4.0, innovation and the use of technology in business are needed to be able to compete with the global market.

Benefits of blockchain technology would be more concrete if it touched the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) industry.

“How to create a program so that (blockchain technology) is easy. When the program is ready, we invite blockchain to be applied to all enterprises.”

The use of blockchain technology in the financial industry can be used for bookkeeping and digital transactions in general. In addition, this technology is also beneficial for improving government services, logistics and supply management, health, and the internet of things.

Blockchain technology is a unique technology because it can eliminate decentralization and change existing structures. Because in the blockchain, data becomes a new medium of exchange that is interconnected in the international blockchain system.

“Blockchain technology is a unique technology that does not require or eliminate the role of parties as intermediaries,” Experts said.

In a survey, the potential use of blockchain in the business world globally could reach 3.1 trillion United States dollars (US) in the next 11 years.

“Enteprise blockchain as an industry, one side projected 3.1 trillion US dollars in 2030,” Experts said.

For information, currently there are several national businesses from a number of sectors committed to implementing blockchain technology by embracing the Blockchain Center of Excellence and Education (BCEE). BCEE is a tool that provides business information, investment opportunities, education and vocational training for Blockchain Asia Forum.


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