Compatibility testing plays an important role in software testing. So today we need to cover the top 10 browser compatibility testing tools which you can use to troubleshoot issues and guarantee every one of your guests is getting a similar encounter on your website or web application.

List of 10 Most Popular Best Browser Compatibility Testing Tools [Free & paid]

  • Cross Browser Testing (Paid)
  • Browserstack (Paid)
  • Lambda Test (Free + Paid)
  • Litmus (Paid)
  • MultiBrowser (Free + Paid)
  • Ranorex (Paid)
  • Sauce Labs (Free + Paid)
  • TestComplete (Paid)
  • Browserling (Free + Paid)
  • IE NetRenderer (Free)

List of the top ten browser compatibility testing tools details below

Cross Browser Testing (Paid)

Manual & live testing on 2050+ browsers and real mobile devices.

CrossBrowser Testing Logo
CrossBrowser Testing Logo

SmartBear acquired CrossBrowserTesting (CBT) around three years ago. CrossBrowserTesting tool launched in 2008. This tool allow various testing tools like Selenium, manual, and visual tests crosswise over 2,050+ real mobile and desktop browser. You may even test your site in many browsers and real devices with quick results. More than two thousand combinations of browsers, OS platforms, and devices. They utilize real device for all tests.

CrossBrowserTesting Features

  • Start Testing 2050+ Browsers In Seconds
  • Test On Real iOS and Android Devices
  • Take Snapshots & Video Of Your Session

Browserstack (Paid)

The most reliable web and mobile app testing platform on the market.

BrowserStack logo
BrowserStack logo

BrowserStack is the most reliable web and mobile app compatibility testing platform on the market, used by more than 2 million developers across 135 countries. We empower teams to speed up release cycles and deploy websites and mobile applications that work seamlessly on any user interface.

Users can choose from more than 2,000 on-demand real mobile devices, browsers and operating systems and rely on a secure, stable and scalable infrastructure to support thousands of concurrent manual and automated tests. By reducing the time, cost and maintenance overhead associated with testing, we help software teams keep focus on what matters most – building better products and services with amazing experiences.

More than 25,000 global companies rely on BrowserStack, including industry-leaders like Microsoft, ING, Mastercard, Dow Jones, Garmin, National Geographic, Volvo, NRK, HubSpot, Walt Disney and AngularJS, to name a few. With offices in San Francisco, Mumbai and Dublin, BrowserStack is privately held and backed by Accel. Learn more at:

Lambda Test (Free + Paid)

Perform automated and manual cross browser compatibility testing across 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers with LambdaTest.

LambdaTest logo
LambdaTest logo

Trusted by over 100,000+ developers and testers worldwide, LambdaTest is the fastest growing compatibility testing cloud platform. Build for the people passionate about software quality, LambdaTest allows developers and tester to perform both automated and manual cross browser testing on 2000+ different browser configurations.

Now you can perform live interactive manual cross browser testing or run end to end selenium automation tests on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure online. LambdaTest platform is build from the ground up to help in precise debugging of browser compatibility issues on both desktop and mobile browsers. In addition you can Drastically cut down your build times by running your automated test scripts in parallel on our reliable secure and scalable online selenium grid. Now you no longer need to compromise with browser test coverage and at the same time can improve test build execution times.

Our goal is to empower developers and testers with a single integrated ecosystem wherein they can perform all their tests confidently. Our vision is to give a seamless and integrated experience to QA professionals as we understand that testing has its own demands be it One Click Bug Logging or a Single Click Test Execution Platform. We build tools and infrastructure that helps you not only cut down overhead costs but enables your team to focus on important stuff like building innovative products faster !!!

LambdaTest is used by 100K+ developers and testers belonging to startups to enterprises. Every day companies like Newsela, Scholastic, Capgemini, Eureka, Deloitte, etc use LambdaTest to run thousands of manual and automation tests online.

Sign Up for free at

Litmus (Paid)

Litmus helps email marketers work more efficiently, catch costly errors & accelerate campaign performance.

Litmus Logo
Litmus Logo

At Litmus, we know the importance of continuous innovation. By staying in front of industry trends, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions for marketers around the world. With the latest release, simplify your workflow, create more effective emails, and get valuable insights that can inform and improve the results of your other marketing channels—all within one, seamless view.

Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus to make email better and easier than ever, including 9 of the top 10 ecommerce brands, 7 of the top 10 technology companies, and 23 of the top 25 US ad agencies.

Backed by Spectrum Equity, the new, redesigned Litmus makes it easier than ever for teams to quickly organize, build, test, and review emails in one centralized application, streamlining the production process and improving visibility and collaboration.

MultiBrowser (Free + Paid)

Responsive, Mobile & Automated Cross-Browser Testing

MultiBrowser Logo
MultiBrowser Logo

MultiBrowser and Multi-Browser Viewer are owned and developed by Position Fixed UG, an independently owned private company based out of Germany and founded in 2014. It was formerly developed by TWD Solutions Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

MultiBrowser (formerly Multi-Browser Viewer) is a Windows software application that enables developers to easily test their websites to ensure that correct functionality and rendering (compatibility ) across all major web browsers and desktop/mobile devices.

Our team is made up of highly-qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals that are passionate about delivering a world class solution to both large Fortune 500 companies as well as individual developers. We are committed to staying focused on customer needs and developing solutions that redefine testing solutions today and into the future.

MultiBrowser Features

  • Standalone Desktop Web Browsers
    Real web browsers. Real testing. No (real) mess
    . No emulators, no shimmied user agents, no VMs – MultiBrowser’s standalone browsers are the real deal in cross-browser compatibility testing. Each standalone browser is encapsulated, helping you avoid test lab setup headaches and focus on actual testing.
  • Mobile Browser Emulators
    Cross-device, cross-browser testing on a single computer
    . Reduce the need for elaborate device testing labs with MultiBrowser’s mobile browser emulators. Be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, perform your mobile browser compatibility tests from the comfort of one workstation – yours.
  • Responsive Design Screenshots
    Multi-platform site previews in one click
    . Still changing screen resolution settings to test your responsive web designs (RWD)? Get MultiBrowser now and test as many platforms as you want, including custom devices, in one go with the Responsive Design Screenshots app.
  • Automated Functionality Tester
    Interface/functionality testing of your website without any of the pain.
    Save the pain of manually performing interface/functionality tests on multiple browsers with MultiBrowser’s Automated Functionality Tester. Record and playback tests just like capturing video on your phone camera – it’s as simple as that.

Ranorex (Paid)

Everyone from novice to expert can build sophisticated tests.

Ranorex Logo
Ranorex Logo

Ranorex offers innovative test automation solutions that help more than 10,000 users worldwide deliver high-quality desktop, web and mobile applications. Our flagship product, Ranorex Studio, provides all-in-one test automation across devices, platforms, and technologies. Ranorex Studio helps teams of all sizes, skills and methodologies accomplish their test automation goals. Automation experts can use the powerful test automation API, while its tools for codeless test creation empower testers to grow their automation skills. All members of cross-functional teams can collaborate on solutions by sharing reusable test automation modules. Ranorex products are supported by a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

Sauce Labs (Free + Paid)

Live, automated and continuous testing for web & mobile apps on the world’s largest cloud-based test platform

Sauce Labs Logo
Sauce Labs Logo

Sauce Labs ensures the world’s leading apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device. Its award-winning Continuous Testing Cloud provides development and quality teams with instant access to the test coverage, scalability, and analytics they need to deliver a flawless digital experience. Founded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs helps companies accelerate software development cycles, improve application quality, and deploy with confidence – compatibility across hundreds of browser / OS platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Optimized for Continuous integration (CI), Continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps, the Sauce Labs platform is built to handle the most secure data from its customers, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses worldwide. To date, nearly 2 billion tests have run on the Sauce Labs cloud. Sauce Labs is a privately held company funded by Toba Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Centerview Capital Technology, IVP and Adams Street Partners. For more information, please visit

TestComplete (Paid)

The Easiest-to-Use Automated UI Testing Toolwith Artificial Intelligence


Leverage the industry’s first automation testing tool with a hybrid object and visual recognition engine to test every desktop, web, and mobile application with native BDD-style Gherkin syntax and script or scriptless flexibility. Scale your automated testing efforts and maximize test coverage with the powerful capabilities of TestComplete.

  • Building Automated UI Tests – Use the scriptless Record and Replay or keyword-driven tests to easily create automated UI tests. Record your tests once and play them back across wide range of desktop, web, and mobile applications.
  • Object Recognition Engine now with Artificial Intelligence – Save time creating and maintaining tests by accurately identifying dynamic UI elements with both property-based and AI-powered visual recognition. Manage objects in a single repository and set it up locally or to be shared depending on your needs.
  • HTML5 Test Automation – Write one automated test script to test HTML/HTML5 web applications across all of the latest releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or deprecated versions of Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Data-Driven Testing – Separate data from test commands to ease maintenance efforts. Run automated desktop, web, or mobile UI tests with different sets of input data to increase coverage.
  • Automated Test Reporting & Analysis – Get real-time information on the progress and status of your desktop, web, or mobile UI tests from a single interface. Easily connect with popular defect tracking tools such as Jira and Bugzilla for instant feedback and continuous learning.
  • Selenium & TestComplete – Scale your Selenium WebDriver tests to boost your web testing efforts and build the ultimate test automation solution that has Selenium, Unit, and functional tests all in one tool.
  • Free Training & Support – Ensuring you succeed with TestComplete is our number one priority. From initial roll-out of the tool to day-to-day support, our responsive team is always there to help you out.

Browserling (Free + Paid)

Simple, Live & Interactive browser compatibility testing utilizing Browserling!

Browserling Logo
Browserling Logo

While a great deal of stages enable you to have screen captures, this stage enables you to communicate with the browsers live, making you feel like they are introduced without anyone else browsers . Rather than utilizing emulators or phony browser, this device runs real browser work on their servers in virtual machines. When another program is propelled, these folks install it! Cool, would it say it isn’t? Aside from that, you can catch, spare, and offer screen captures of your website pages in all programs. Taking into account your responsive testing needs, the tool even enables you to change screen resolution and resize programs.

IE NetRenderer (Free)

NetRenderer uses a dedicated virtual Windows environment for each Internet Explorer version.

IE NetRenderer
IE NetRenderer

Since we do not try to trick multiple IE versions to coexist, these native IE instances ensure optimal compatibility rendering fidelity and repeatability. At the core we use a proprietary C# application to control parallel rendering and to generate the virtual screenshot images. A separate frontend software does some pre-processing and error management, combines the image overlays and stores job logs and statistical data into an SQL database. For security reasons we must block Java and ActiveX, but Javascript is enabled. All machines will automatically receive Microsoft updates, so they should always be just as up-to-date as real-world browsers in the field.


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