By 2025, the Grand View Research report predicted the growth of DevOps to be 12.85 billion US dollars. DevOps popularity steadily grows due to their faster developmental life cycles with quick deployment. Bringing together the development team, operational team and business team to automate and streamline the IT process is essential.

Continuous Integration process helps to increase the project development life-cycle. More organizations are moving towards a cost-effective process where DevOps is proven to reduce the overall IT costs by 30 percent.

Kevin Murphy from Red Hat research confirms that DevOps is able to reduce the IT expenses by lowering the resource rate by 35%. No wonder that already many business giants like Amazon, Netflix, Target, Walmart are already moved to DevOps and reaping its benefits.

List of 10 Top DevOps Service Providers

  • Contus
  • Xenonstack
  • Peerbits
  • Marlabs
  • Cubet
  • Puresoftware
  • Nexiilabs
  • MobiSoft
  • MSys Technologies
  • Alten CalSoft Labs

Below is a list of most promising best DevOps consulting companies who excel in DevOps Services and has done outstanding projects worldwide. Based on the company’s review from reputed platforms like Clutch, Good Firm, Forbes and their social media presence is taken into consideration before finalizing the list.


Contus Logo
Contus Logo

Contus helps to deliver an agile environment through DevOps. To measure the delivery process, Contus use niche tools including Jenkins, Bitbuckets, GitHub, Kubernetes, Maven to name a few. Through DevOps Service offerings, Contus has helped to build several projects, test and release the quality code effortlessly.

Contus which are in the business for 11+ years is a Software-as-a-Product company. Contus has been globally recognized as Top DevOps Consulting service by BDCC Global among the other well-established companies. Apart from DevOps services, Contus is expertise in delivering a complete end-end solution through Full-Stack development, RPA, Real-time messaging solutions, and video streaming platform.

  • Company: Started in 2008
  • Location: USA, India & UAE
  • Other Services: RPA, IoT, Full Stack Engineering, Customizable Real-Time Messaging Apps, Video Streaming Services.


XenonStack Logo
XenonStack Logo

XenonStack helps to build DevOps services in Jenkins and GitHub for continuous Project Delivery. Their DevOps development strategies work with DevOps tools, DevOps Implementation and Migration.

XenonStack is a technology services and consulting company that works with cloud data, AI strategy and Enterprise Agility. There are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Engineering.

  • Company: started in 2012
  • Location: India
  • Other Services: Big Data Engineering, IoT platform and solutions, and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions


Peerbits are fluidly in the business for development and operational services. They offer DevOps consulting services with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery method. From Assessment, Automation, and Management, Peerbits provide effective DevOps as a service model.

Peerbits has 7+ years of experience in providing digital solutions to the Enterprises. They follow a distinct process for every task and offers a holistic approach for all their project developmental model.

  • Company: started in 2011
  • Location: India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada
  • Other Services: Mobile & Web app development, Full-Stack development, IoT platform


Marlabs Inc Logo
Marlabs Inc Logo

Marlabs helps the enterprises to build an agile model and increase the efficiency of the delivery goal to a significant level. They work closely with the development, testing, and operations teams.

Marlabs is a reliable DevOps service company that integrates effective DevOps services to any environment seamlessly. With Continuous Delivery and Automation, Marlabs completely provides an end-end solution for every organization model.

  • Company: started in 1996
  • Location: India, Canada, USA, Germany
  • Other Services: Digital Product Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing services


Cubet Logo
Cubet Logo

Cubet Techno Labs not only provides a continuous Delivery & Deployment of a complete DevOps process cycle but also provides Full-time monitoring and support. DevOps planning in Cubet has created effective cross-functional team to give excellent end-result.

Cubet is a full service, the full-stack company that helps the organization to digitally drive forward. These DevOps Service providers help to increase revenue by cutting down on the operational costs.

  • Company: started in 2008
  • Location: India, UK
  • Services: Enterprise Mobility solutions, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce.


PureSoftware Logo
PureSoftware Logo

As DevOps Services company, Puresoftware helps to deliver high-quality software services with the help of the agile Dev-Ops lifecycle. It provides effective code integration for building better and quality code.

From planning, Coding, testing, and deployment, Puresoftware offers DevOps consulting services that cater to any business size. It is a software product and services company.

  • Company: started in 2005
  • Location: India, USA, Singapore, UK, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico
  • Other Services: IoT and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Digital Banking


Nexiilabs Logo
Nexiilabs Logo

Nexiilabs has its headquarters in the USA with its Research & Development unit in India. It has a large client base ranging from startups to enterprise-level companies. DevOps service providers have successfully delivered DevOps projects to enhance the scalability and streamline the process.

Along with the Amazon Web Tools, Nexiilabs helps to get speedier solutions and enhanced performance with Higher ROI.

  • Company: started in 2012
  • Location: India, USA
  • Other Services: Application development, Quality Assurance, Managed Services


MobiSoft Logo
MobiSoft Logo

MobiSoft provides a full product life cycle services across various business verticals. This global transformation companies effectively collaborate with the customers deploying an end-end process that manages the complex infrastructure through DevOps services.

MobiSoft is a smartphone app development company. Since 7 years it has developed 300 apps and raised productivity by deploying with best DevOps tools.

  • Company: Started in 2009
  • Location: India, USA, Canada
  • Other Services: User Experience Design, Test automation, Product Development

MSys Technologies

MSys Technologies Logo
MSys Technologies Logo

MSysTechnologies is based out of Georgia, the USA which is a reliable digital transformation company. MSys uses the Continuous integrations and Delivery process to build DevOps projects that reduce the debugging time with more on the development.

MSysTechnologies offers a commendable product engineering services and delivers Enterprise level digital transformation projects.

  • Company: started in 2007
  • Location: India, Vietnam, USA
  • Other Services: Product Engineering, QA Automation, Training, and Development

Alten CalSoft Labs

Alten CalSoft Labs Logo
Alten CalSoft Labs Logo

ALTEN CalSoftLabs is a part of ALTEN Group that helps to build a robust infrastructure by integrating DevOps Intelligence, Continuous Deployment and Delivery. Alten has a team of 300 SAS consultants who work in healthcare sectors and other pharmaceutical industries.

Their DevOps Service offers consultation, implementing and monitoring the DevOps tooling platform. They are specialists in SAP Oracle Netsuite and Big Data Analytics.

  • Company: Started in 1992
  • Location: India, USA, Singapore, France, UK
  • Other Services: Enterprise Application, Product Engineering Services, and consulting services.

Closing Thoughts

Make use of this Top 10 DevOps Service providers to narrow down your search and start implementing on building a robust and agile business structure for your Enterprise. No matter how big or small, every business model will surely benefit from this rapid growing DevOps technologies.


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