Many people do not know what artificial intelligence is. Well, AI or artificial intelligence is a technology that is made smart or given intelligence like humans. Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, is useful as the latest technology and makes machines smarter.

Intelligence that is made programmed in such a way that the technology or the resulting tool will carry out the command in accordance with the initial purpose of its formation. AI is now widely used. Technology with AI is able to respond or react in real time. For more details, see the following detailed explanation.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a concept that actually has emerged since ancient times precisely in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece there was Talos, a bronze giant and Galatea, a statue made by Pygmalion that was made with the concept of artificial intelligence.

The concept has emerged since time immemorial but this term only emerged in the mid-20th century precisely in 1950. A mathematician, Alan Turing was one of those who played a role in sparking the idea of ​​artificial intelligence technology. Because of this idea, the term artificial intelligence or AI became popular among researchers and scientists.

The idea of ​​technology with artificial intelligence continues to be developed and researched so that it can be fully utilized by humans. Now you can certainly feel the development of the use of artificial intelligence, one example is smart technology, predictions in search engines, weather forecasts, email filters including spam, application suggestions, and many others.

The Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technological development whose purpose is formed because of the following things.

Forming smarter technology or machines

The main purpose of developing artificial intelligence is to make a technology or machine become smarter so that it will facilitate human work. Examples of easy you can see on a computer. In addition to typing, computers are now developed to be smarter so they can play games, edit videos and photos, and can be used for many other useful activities.

Understanding intelligence

The scientific purpose of forming this intelligence technology is to create a machine that is able to understand intelligence as it can solve problems faster, more thoroughly, more effectively, and efficiently. The existence of AI is certainly easier for everyone.

Making technology more useful

In terms of entrepreneurial artificial intelligence is able to make an effort to get maximum results because technology with AI will simplify the work. A job will feel light and can be completed quickly. AI is also able to collect and analyze data so that you can find out the latest opportunities for your business.

The Secret of Artificial Intelligence Ability

After knowing some of the goals of the formation of artificial intelligence, you must be curious is not the secret of his ability? Now the explanation below might help you understand it.


The first ability is technology that is able to analyze. The sophisticated algorithm used in AI makes AI able to analyze the data it collects. The ability to analyze this data can be seen for example in the prediction of applications that you like in the play store.

Application suggestions that appear in your play store account are the results of AI analysis after collecting application data that you install, open or want. You can find other examples in the women’s menstrual period calendar application. In the application, the longer you use, the more accurate the prediction will be because the more data collected.

In large-scale business affairs, AI can also be used in analyzing sales predictions made by a company, the level of public consumption, can analyze the level of profits, and many others.

Processing Big Data

The next ability is technology that is able to process big data. Big data is a term used to describe very large data. The data in question can be any data that floods a business. An example is Instagram.

On Instagram there will be a lot of data coming in, both user data, frequently viewed content, accounts followed by users, and many other data. By using artificial intelligence, big business owners will get convenience and profits in determining the next business decision.

You can see an example of applying artificial intelligence on Instagram. The content you see will affect the content that appears on the suggestion page. The ads that appear will be related to the content or account that you often see. The point is that your activities on Instagram will be recorded, collected and processed by AI to produce a display that suits your interests and pleasure.

Respond quickly

Another ability of artificial intelligence is being able to respond quickly. Examples of responsiveness can be seen in auto-reply emails or chatbots that usually exist on e-commerce sites. When you ask on the chatbot, there will be a quick reply. Now this reply is one form of using AI. The existence of an AI with this fast response over time is able to replace the work of a customer service.

Correcting a document accurately

AI is also able to correct a document accurately. Currently there are many applications or sites that can find out writing errors and typing a document. Not only finding errors, document repairs can be done. There will be suggestions for the right words to replace the wrong words. The existence of AI certainly threatens the existence of editors because AI is more thorough than editors.

Conduct deeper personalization

The next ability that AI is able to do deeper personalization . AI is able to recognize patterns by a person in a short time. This is certainly very useful in the business field. Companies can know the character of a consumer only from the activities he often does and things he likes. That way the company does not need to conduct surveys or further research to get the data needed.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There are so many benefits that can be obtained from these technologies. Well, to make it clearer, the benefits gained include, namely:


AI is an artificial intelligence that is permanent because it can be used repeatedly, anywhere, and at any time. AI is always associated with the use of human labor. An example is the existence of AI, later on a company will not need many employees. This is true if it is associated with the advantages of this one. Employees can leave at any time, while AI does not.

Offers convenience

Human intelligence that is created has been stored in AI so that AI will facilitate humans. Data previously saved will be easily accessed again. Artificial intelligence also works faster than human work.

Be consistent and conscientious

Besides faster work, AI is also more consistent and thorough. His intelligence is not reduced and the chance of mistakes is very small. You can see in the computer calculation. Very rarely an error does not it? Computers are very consistent and thorough, different from humans.

Can be saved

As explained in the secret of the ability to process big data, so storing as much and as much data will not be a problem. Archives and data can certainly be stored and used by later generations.


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