What is “Education?”

Education is a process of learning the knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people who are passed down from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education is a very important thing, most of us know and are accustomed to seeing school education in certain ways.

For example, to improve students’ skills when counting, they will be encouraged to work on easy problems first. That way teachers will do tests to check how fast they are counting and how accurate they are in counting. This method has been going on for centuries.

Big Data Analytic in Education

Big Data is very beneficial for education, many schools in developed countries use it to produce data and information about students quickly. In addition, big data can find evidence of how well students learn, including student attendance reports.

Every year the school opens new registrations for students and new teachers who wish to register, usually becoming a new teacher has its own challenges, the main challenge faced by teachers is to adapt their teaching to different students, each of whom learns with their understanding and methods they understand.

Big Data can help place the system for adaptive learning, besides big data can also help teachers adjust the speed of instruction based on the interests and abilities of each student

Big data also plays a role in student and parent specific reports, what is meant by student specific reports are reports that show where a student is superior in a particular field.

With the big data, schools can collect these reports very easily and quickly, besides that if parents want to know the development of their children, they will get a clearer picture of their development, in addition they will get it relatively quickly.

Every school really needs information that is useful for the teacher and his students to add insight, a teacher sometimes finds it difficult to determine what needs attention or what areas need to be emphasized when a new student joins the class. With the big data, teachers can easily facilitate data exchange between schools and solve the problem.

Each school has a different path for gifted, gifted or not students to be seen from whether students are able to learn or work on problems that are more challenging or above their abilities.

With this big data can help identify gifted and talented students who are ready to move to the next level or move to a higher level.


The use of big data in the field of education is very important, because big data is very helpful in gathering student information very quickly, providing and managing large amounts of data in large volumes of structured, or unstructured. But on the other hand the use of big data in Indonesia is still very minimal, this is due to lack of supporting technology.

In addition to gathering information quickly, the education sector in Indonesia can also use big data to help new teachers who are adapting in a school.

which aims to find out in what field and what subjects a students are superior to other students.


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