Modern technological trends are evolving these days rapidly, due to which almost all business sectors are undergoing an unimaginable transaction.

This rapid can be noted much faster in the tech industry as it has a direct connection with the advent and evolution of modern technology.

New devices, trends, techniques, and much more are developed with each passing day; thus, it becomes essential for every individual to stay up to date with the evolution and advent of the latest technology.

Nowadays, individuals have numerous ways to keep themself updated with the latest technological developments and evolution. Tech experts or any other individual who wants to grasp the latest new trends updates can explore numerous websites and apps available on the leading app store.

List of Top Apps to Look Into to Grasp Latest Trends Updates

Today more than three billion people own their smartphones, the craze for mobile phones and apps has increased rapidly among people these days.

Almost all people prefer to choose a smartphone over desktops as it provides them with more convenience. They use it for many purposes, such as collecting information, checking the latest updates, shopping, playing games, and much more.

Saying updates with the latest trends and technology becomes much more essential for those indulging in this industry. Still, when it comes to grasping the latest technological updates, then the first question that strikes in any individual minds is that from where they can grab the latest updates they are willing to have?.

Today numerous tech apps are available on the leading app stores, which any individuals can opt for; this can help them stay updated without making many efforts. Explore the list below to know which is the best source to grasp the latest updates with a few clicks.


It is one of the advanced solutions that any tech experts can explore to check the latest tech-related blogs. This app solution provides users with the newest content on the latest development, inventions, upcoming trends, and much more.

Feedly makes it relatively easier for technical experts or any other app visitor to keep themself updated with the latest trends.

The users have to install the app and need to open it, and the latest news related to modern trends will pop up in front of their eyes in the blink of their vision. Besides this, it provides users with three modes that are:

  • Dark mode.
  • Light mode.
  • Reader mode.

These modes greatly enhance the readers’ experience and help them elaborate on their knowledge without making many efforts or visiting a vast amount of tech pages and sites. Watch the video to know how this advanced solution is beneficial for readers.

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This app solution has gained massive popularity among tech readers in a short amount of time. Hacker covers every news and update, which is taking place in the tech world, but the primary and most important focus of this site is the latest updates and information related to hacking and hackers.

Hence if you are fond of news and the latest updates related to security and hacking, this advanced app can prove to be the best source to gear up your knowledge.

Opera News 

This advanced solution has a great collection of the latest videos and topics, creating a buzz in the tech market at present. Opera News provides readers with fresh updates and news related to business development, economic changes, modern technological development, and much more.


It doesn’t come under the tech news app category, but this advanced solution provides readers with all the updates and news related to the latest technological trends.

Dripplier delivers efficient tricks and trips that any individual can consider when developing mobile app like deezer or any other or using smartphones most accurately and efficiently.

It provides users with useful tricks after detecting their smartphone entirely from top to toe; thus, most of the users love to use this advanced solution; this has made this app gain the title of the app of the week, explore the video to know more:

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This advanced and unique app solution gathers information about the latest technology and trends from numerous national and international sources.

After collecting all data, Inshorts produce a summary for the readers to explore; in simple words, it can be said that it provides readers with a short version of trendy news to offer them quick glimpses related to it.


It’s a news magazine app consisting of all the latest and emerging topics for the readers after browsing the whole web. It also provides them with emerging videos, images, text, and much more related to their browsing topics.

Infix not only provides users with the latest tech news, but it also provides readers with the latest technological facts and videos to give the readers in-depth knowledge related to a particular topic.


It is a one-stop solution for tech experts to explore all the news about tech updates. TechCrunch provides users with fresh updates related to the latest device or gadgets launched, new features integrated into particular gadgets, apps, and much more.

If any of the readers don’t have much time to go through the full content, they can go through the source’s headlines.

One of the most significant benefits it provides to the readers is that readers can explore any of their choice content and their convenience as his solution provides them with customization options.

This solution also avails entrepreneurs with numerous innovations and ideas which they can consider to boost their business worldwide. Watch the complete video below to understand how this app solution is beneficial for tech experts and other individuals like business startups.

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Appy Geek 

This advanced solution provides readers with the latest tech updates under one roof. It collects all the latest updates about the tech updates, developing the latest devices, gadgets, and much more tech topics, which has created a buzz in the tech world.

Appy Geek is one of the best solutions for tech experts as they can explore all the needed content easily under a one-stop solution.

Summing It Up

The list of tech news apps doesn’t end here! There are many more available on both the leading app stores. Tech experts can choose anyone to gather all the information related to staying updated with the latest trends and technology.

Tech professionals can even explore numerous websites, blogs, and much more to expand their tech knowledge and also to stay up to date with every single transformation taking place in the tech world.


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