Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is very popular today.

It has great potential in automating repetitive operations and work. The use of AI technology is crucial in solving complex tasks to save time and energy.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) technology?

Artificial intelligence technology is one of the branches of science in making objects as intelligent as humans.

An important part of AI is machine learning, which is the ability of the machine to ‘learn’ to become intelligent.

Conceptually, a machine that is going to be ‘taught‘ must be equipped with a lot of information to make it smarter than other machines.

In other words, machines will be equipped with thousands of attempts to complete a task. Throughout this process, the machine will understand and learn the concepts for completing the task.

For example, a money-laundering machine used to deposit money into a bank account can only detect a certain amount of money.

With the sophistication of the latest technology, the machine can now detect the purity of the money entered after several ‘point-of-instruction’ phases by the developer.

Why is it important to us now?

Machine learning is very important in complementing modern human life to enable us to stay competitive in the age of the digital economy.

According to Google Dean’s Right Fellow led by the Google AI team, Jeff Dean, artificial intelligence has become an important tool in utilizing human life.

“Google is introducing the AI ​​Principle in formulating a charter to guide the development and use of AI in our research and application services.

“We are also actively engaged in research in areas such as privacy, safety and justice until the formation of a new machine called federated learning,” he said in a speech at a recent Media Solve with AI conference held at the Google Tokyo headquarters .

In fact, a report from the Harvard Business Review released July-August 2019 also said that AI technology is now helping companies and companies make more informed decisions.

It is an important contributor to giving input to decision makers to make informed choices and decisions on an issue that they are trying to resolve.
Is this technology expensive?

Yes, it was a very expensive technology once upon a time due to its high technical requirements.

Imagine, to create a machine or computer capable of reasoning and ‘thinking’ like humans would require a huge amount of processing and memory.

So, to process the data and turn it into a human machine, Google has developed a processing machine named as a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU).

TPU serves as a specialized circuit for machine learning in neural networks.

“In the 1990s, the TPU we had was only able to process up to 32 gigaflops, but now the latest version of the TPU can process up to 420 teraflops per second,” Jeff Dean explained when describing how machine learning technology works.

From a dedicated circuit that manages the ‘thinking’ of this machine, Google also introduced Tensor Flow, an open system application for developing AI technology.

Through the application of Tensor Flow, the potential for AI technology development is now vast and it has managed to make it cheaper without the need for advanced programming skills.

Most importantly, understand the problem you’re trying to solve.
How does machine learning technology help humans?

The application of AI in human life is now greatly beneficial to society.

Through the AI ​​Program for social good, Google has focused on two things:
Research and engineering.

Numerous studies have been conducted to identify how machine learning technology can help positively impact on human values, social life and environmental issues. For example, the process of identifying lung cancer, the acoustic bio project, and even the Euphonia project (to help those with difficulty communicating).
Encourage solving problems

Encourage the use of open system applications, Tensor Flow and training to help solve social and organizational problems. Usually it has succeeded in solving some social challenges such as agriculture and historic preservation.

This technology has many potentials, and it needs to be explored better to continue to benefit the human and other life on earth.


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